Accurate + Unique = ACCUNIQ Accurate Diagnosis, Unique Device





ACCUNIQ Manager provides systematic body composition analysis result and data management environment with various types of device support and graphical data representation

  • Provides 3 types of product configuration for customer’s environment
  • Able to represent the data more easily with graphical representation
  • Convenient backup and management of measurement data in various file formats

Optimized for various screen devices such as PC, Tablet, Mobile Able to measure and manage simultaneously using terminals from all around the world!

ACCUNIQ’s software program allows you to manage systematic body fat measurement and analysis
by displaying measured body composition information as graphical data.
It is a health management solution to provide a better lifestyle through 1: 1 customized data management by predicting and
recommending individual’s eating habits, lifestyle habits and so on.


Membership Management

  • Unique memo function for each member
  • Management function through tag manager
  • Membership measurement history management

Convenient Usability

  • It is composed of card type so that you can check measurement results at a glance for intuitive and simple screen composition.
  • Graphic representation of body composition, obesity rate, and body water analysis figures to provide easy-to-understand reports

Data Management

  • Management by Group through Create / Edit / Create Management Group
  • Export and import measurement data in various forms such as Backup and DICOM, XLS
  • Results can be viewed remotely via QR code

An installation file is in a CD that is offered with the BCA device. Refer to the user’s manual about the installation and instructions for use.

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