Body Composition Analyzers

Studies comparing Accuniq with the gold standard for body water
measurement show extremely high accuracy (correlation coefficient R=0.97)
Reappearance Rate (correlation coefficient R=0.99)
Source: Validity of total body water in impedance (X-SCAN)

Accuniq app

Mobile Program

QR code recognition

Method of saving

Web server (The default setting is You can change it in case of an individual or a company server operating)

Operational range

Android, iOS you can also use other devices that can scan QR code.

How to use

Download and use the QR code reader (click below and download)

Sequence of measurement

1. Analyze the body composition after the username setting
2. Scan the QR code on the analysis result screen by the QR code reader.
3. Agreement on private information> agreement on saving on webserver> setting of password> automatic registration
4. In case of using the same username, you can view the past results anywhere.


You can use it regardless of the smartphone model. In case of no server, you cannot save the result. (overseas) Fees may apply depending on your plan

Download Accuniq app

Method of saving

Private smartphone (through the App download at play store)

Operation range


How to use

Download and use Accuniq app (click below and download)

Measurement sequence

1. connect to Bluetooth and select a device.
2. Analyze the body fat mass.
3. You can check anytime as the analyzed result is saved automatically.
4. You can always view the analyzed result and the past result via your own cellphone.

You can save in your own smartphone without sever. You need to purchase the Bluetooth option.


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