Body Composition Analyzers

Studies comparing Accuniq with the gold standard for body water measurement show extremely high accuracy (correlation coefficient R=0.97) Reappearance Rate (correlation coefficient R=0.99) Source: Validity of total body water in impedance (X-SCAN)


Window Program

Body Composition Data management program for customer management 3 types of section tabs are provided and screen layout can be edited Result sheet and display can be customized according to the individual preference as maximum 8 tabs can be made.

  • All BCA models under our company can be linked
  • Systematic management and analysis of customer data
  • Easy body composition analysis result
  • Graph analysis that is based on the measurement is provided
  • You can view the data with ease as past results are provided and data comparison in each section is possible.
  • Measurement result can be saved in variety of file types – excel, test, jpg
  • Network support is possible

An installation file is in a CD that is offered with the BCA device. Refer to the user’s manual about the installation and instructions for use.

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